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Re: fr.po is bad

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.40.0112071509051.10216-100000@scribble.fsn.hu>, Attila N
agy writes:
>(I'm currently compiling b-f, so I will have results very soon. I hope
>that the blue flashy screen effect have been already corrected)

It should be okay now.  Make sure that you are using the very latest
code from CVS.  Also:

 - if you are using LANGUAGE_CHOOSER (this is the default on i386), make
   sure that you don't have a /usr/lib/libnewt_pic.a on your system.
 - if you are building single-language localised disks (ie you have changed
   LANG in config), make sure that you are using libnewt0 and not 


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