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Re: Another translating problem: baseconfig.c

In 07 Dec 2001 12:23:56 +0100 Petter cum veritate scripsit :

> If you are able to translate it to "", then the default locale (as set
> by env LANG) will be used instead of the "C"locale.  But an empty
> translation will be handled as no translation and ignored.
> Hm, I do not understand this either.

Looking at "cvs annotate" output, it seems like a VERY old code.
I've got an impression that no one reviewed the reason?

1.37         (bcollins 06-Apr-00): 
1.21         (aph      21-Dec-99):   setenv("LANG", _("C"), 1);
1.56         (joey     27-Aug-00): 


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