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Another translating problem: baseconfig.c


What is the purpose of this code (in baseconfig.c):

int configure_drivers (void) {
  struct stat statbuf;
#if #cpu (s390)
  char buffer1[PATH_MAX];
  char buffer2[PATH_MAX];
  if (! NAME_ISEXE("/usr/bin/whiptail", &statbuf))
      symlink("/target/usr/bin/whiptail", "/usr/bin/whiptail");
  setenv("LANG", _("C"), 1);

Specially the last line: The string "C" should be translated, but how ? 

If I should translate "C" with "fr", what is the purpose of this setenv ?
If "fr" is selected from my textual domain, that mean that it is useless to
set LANG to fr, it is already so, or it will be masked by LC_{MESSAGES,ALL}
in any case.

If I should translate "C" with "C" (as I've done so far), why is it marked
to translate ?

In any case, a comment /* TRANS: explanation to translators */ would be
great to this place, too...

Thanks, Mt.

Un clavier azerty en vaut deux.

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