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Re: Flashing screen with cvs bootdisks

In message <20011130213212.D10194@ipe.uni-stuttgart.de>, Nils Rennebarth writes
>I could try that.
>But the vanilla flavor will want four driver floppys, I really like to avoid

Right, yeah.  I just meant "does dbootstrap start with the other flavours", but
from what John Robinson says the answer is no.

>Are there instructions to set up a chroot environment to test the install
>without a second computer that need to be rebooted every so often?

It's pretty simple.  Just gunzip one of the root images, mount it with loopback,
and chroot into that place.

I ran up dbootstrap under catchsegv and it seems to be crashing inside malloc
somewhere.  I have a vague feeling that last time this happened to me it was
because I had some kind of UTF8/non-UTF8 library mixup leading to heap
corruption.  Can you check that you don't have any trace of non-UTF8 libslang,
libnewt or anything like that on your system?


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