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Re: bug: cdimage.debian.org should warn against downloading with an ISDN connection

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> writes:

    Philip> In message
    Philip> <[🔎] 87elmmy0de.fsf@bittersweet.intra.hegbloom.net>, Karl
    Philip> M. Hegbloom writes:

    >> Perhaps if they do not, they should.  Someone should perform
    >> that labor and make it possible.  I wonder if it would require
    >> an entire new flavor of images, or if it's only a matter of
    >> inserting the correct modules?  I know zilch about ISDN.

    Philip> Internal ISDN cards need a pile of modules, plus some
    Philip> supporting user-space stuff.  I don't think there is any
    Philip> hope of adding this to the woody boot-floppies at this
    Philip> stage in the game, but it should be possible to support it
    Philip> under debian-installer if someone wants to do the work.

 If that translates to "if someong ELSE wants to do the work", then it
 may never happen.  Can you code?  Fire up your editor, Philip!

    Philip> External TAs should be okay.  I don't know if we ship the
    Philip> modules you need to use USB modems right now, but it
    Philip> should be easy to add them to the driver disks if not.
    Philip> Ethernet and serial versions ought to "just work" already.

 Woody boot-floppies has a point where it asks if you want to pull in
 a custom module set from a floppy.  Perhaps that can be extended to
 also pull in some binaries from a floppy; or perhaps that tar.gz on
 the floppy (is it one?) can contain the userspace utils. (mind the
 .so depends or link static - the BF .so set is a subset, not the full

 It might be a relativly simple matter of building matching modules
 and and userspace utils and putting them on a separate floppy.

 The other thing though is that, for PPP install, it doesn't happen
 until AFTER the reboot anyhow, right?  So it would be the same for
 ISDN...  anyhow, it's your puppy.  I have DSL, not ISDN.

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