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Bug#120950: USB boot-floppies

Moin Christoph!
Eduard Bloch schrieb am Sonntag, den 25. November 2001:

> > I have a Sony notebook (PCG-C1VE) with external USB floppy (and NO
> > built-in CD drive). When using the potato boot floppies, the kernel is
> Ich überlege mir gerade, wo und wie ich den Kernel patchen könnte. Und
> ob überhaupt...

Yeah, bug me for using forein languages in the BTS. Okay, using english:

what should we do to make Debian installable on systems with
non-standard floppy drives and w/o CD-ROM? I know following types:

 - LS120 (and clones), ATAPI version accessible with the ide-floppy
   driver (/dev/hd*) node or trough the ide-scsi emulation (/dev/sd*).
   SCSI-version: /dev/sd*
 - USB drives (Sony Vaio). No idea about the needed device name, driver,
   major/minor numbers etc.
 - SCSI floppies, reported to exist on some exotic workstations

Should we support them? And when, how? I can imagine to hack the kernel
so it looks on /dev/fd0, then on listed devices for the root image. In
addition, there should be support in dbootstrap so the drives are (for
example) linked to /dev/fd0 or so.

"They are marked 'dangerous' because they eat filesystems for breakfast."
                               Linus Torvalds about 2.3.7 pre-patches, LKM

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