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Bug#120637: confirmed, plus line truncation in dbootstrap

torsdag den 22. november 2001 16:13 skrev Jesus Climent:
> The system boots normally with rescue/root disks. After asking for a 
language to proceed with the installation it fails with the error message:
> --Problem--
> An error occured while loading application messages.
> <continue>

Also seen here (language chooser on i386 1.44 vanilla floppies, modified to 
include danish).

It *is* possible to build a dedicated Danish floppy
But any exotic characters (e.g. æ, ø, å and é) work as linebreaks in 
dbootstrap. So e.g. the line:

     Installér kerne og moduler

is truncated to:


Which really doesn't tell an awful lot :-)


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