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Re: Bug#120637: confirmed, plus line truncation in dbootstrap

In message <[🔎] OF2o6D.A.2MH.waY_7@murphy>, Claus Hindsgaul writes:
>     Install=E9r kerne og moduler
>is truncated to:
>     Install
>Which really doesn't tell an awful lot :-)

This is normally a symptom of not running dbootstrap with the right locale.

I'm not sure what happens if you use i18n-enabled boot floppies on a machine that doesn't have framebuffer support.  Ideally it would fall back in some elegant fashion to a more limited i18n (for example, only supporting Latin1 characters or something); less ideally, it would fall back completely to just the C locale.  Either way, dbootstrap needs to DTRT.


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