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Re: woody install on ss10

> > first... every time the ethernet is coming up my terminal is destroyed.
> > (who needs a serial terminal anyway...)
> Ok, who's issue is this?  Kernel issue?  could you make sure a bug is
> filed in the right place?

well.. - maybe you can tell me how to find out who's responsible
for that bug... - I certainly don't know... :-((

If I'd know where to file a bug report I would've already filed

> > the really interesting part was that /etc/inittab had to be modified to
> > start the configuration tools (and later the getty) on the right
> > interface because by default it only starts them on tty1 to tty5
> > (which don't exist)
> This is after installation and reboot, right?


> What could we do about this?  Perhaps base-config could be do
> something, I dunno.

I don't know which utility normally makes these modifications but I
know that the last stable version of debian worked on alpha using
a serial console so I hink it was implemented correctly there.

> > Is this known? - let me tell you... it's rather unuseable in that state...
> > :-(((
> It's unusable because it's not starting a getty on the serial line?


> > I thought installing debian on my sparc would be a non-issue... but
> > it seems that I was wrong and I needed about 5 hours to get it working.
> > 
> > I hope you can fix these behaviour. thanks.
> I hope so too but if you can stay with us and help us attribute which
> package can be modified to fix these bugs, that will help ensure that
> we actually are able to fix this.

I hope so. - I can't promise to help you though because I don't have
much time at the moment and still have a few other things to fix and don't
have very much time to invest into this issue, but I'll try to be
as responsive as possible.

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