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Re: more on LC

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

> Wouldn't it be feasable to turn it on on default and see how far it will
> work.  We can still turn it off again before woody freezes.  I remember
> that this is the same with --force-overwrite and dpkg, which is turned
> off during unstable and freeze, but turned on when Debian is released so
> people aren't bothered but developers are hammered with error messages,
> forcing them to fix their cra^Wpackages.

Good idea, I will do so.  It seems to be building on i386 now with the
stripped down language list; I want to test it a bit.

Another todo here is to see whether any other arches are able to fit
some languages -- but that should be pretty easy to do now, it just
takes a lot of hunting.  We'll just be changing langs_root to set the
languages per arch, and also make sure that rootdisk.sh is hacked to
allow non-i386 arches to build i18n.

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