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[again] basedebs.tgz: Supported or not?

I understand there is a capability provided to use a basedebs.tgz
file to install base from the hard disk in lieu of a network
install. This was particularly needed for those who connect via a
modem, because ppp is not available in the pre-base installer system. 

But there still isn't any basedebs.tgz in the built distribution yet,
AFAIK. And as a result, I haven't documented how to use it. That is a
big hole in boot-floppies, and in the docs, in fact I read here this
week that it was unacceptable and I agree.

If instead the user should build it from console 2 before base
installation, then that needs to be documented instead. But that approach
would leave out some users who would like to learn/install Linux but
have a network card not yet supported by Debian. I was one of those.

Who can handle revising the build scripts so basedebs.tgz gets built?
I know it's beyond me.

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