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Re: Danish inclusion on the international disk

In message <[🔎] Fn9jBC.A.sdG.EH797@murphy>, Claus Hindsgaul writes:
>I suggest we include the danish support to the internationalized root disk.
>Using the Linux Counter (as the source code suggests), danish rank as number 
>15 - above sk (#51), ja (#48) and hu (#20).
>I'm not confident, that it is fair that e.g. Japan is ranking that low on
>the list.

Well, the Linux Counter results aren't the only thing one has to consider. 
According to http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=JPN there are 126 million Japanese speakers worldwide, against about 5.5 million for Danish. 
Even here in Europe, it looks to me like Swedish might have a stronger case for inclusion than Danish.

Anyway, we can refine the choice of languages at any point.  Right now, it would probably be more productive for people to build the i18n'd boot-floppies and find out whether you can actually do an install with them.  #80942 says there are problems with modconf and with the highlight being messed up - do those bugs still exist?

One other thing: some of the translations look like they might be out of date.
Here's a summary of the PO-Revision-Dates from the .po files.  I don't know how accurate these are, but the translators for languages that we want to ship on the root disks probably need to go through and make sure everything is up to date.

ca      2001-10-15
cs      2000-11-30
da      2001-11-15
de      2001-08-21
eo      2000-12-19
es      2000-11-30
fi      2000-12-17
fr      1999-03-21
gl      2001-10-07
hr      2001-09-01
hu      2001-01-01
it      1999-11-16
ja      2001-10-29
ko      2001-08-05
pl      2001-05-17
pt      2000-07-10
ru      2001-11-14
sk      ?
sv      2001-10-22
tr      2001-17-03
zh      2001-01-15


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