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Danish inclusion on the international disk


I suggest we include the danish support to the internationalized root disk. 
Using the Linux Counter (as the source code suggests), danish rank as number 
15 - above sk (#51), ja (#48) and hu (#20).
I'm not confident, that it is fair that e.g. Japan is ranking that low on the 
list. If we *need* to remove a language from the disk, the Linux Counter 
indicate, that sk (Slovakia) would be the best candidate.

The diff for adding da to "documentation/config":

 # langs we want to include on an internationalized root disk (assumes C)
 # I use http://counter.li.org/reports/short.php?orderby=users#table
 # for popularity data
-export langs_root      := de pl fr es ja sk sv it hu
+export langs_root      := da de pl fr es ja sk sv it hu
 # default language
 LINGUA         := C

Claus Hindsgaul
claus_h@image.dk (PGP key: http://www.image.dk/~claus_h/PGP.htm )

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