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[aj@azure.humbug.org.au: Re: teamwork (was Re: #103302 ask permission blah blah)]

Grrr. Don't Cc me on posts to debian-* mailing lists! Geez. My headers
are set. The developers reference recommends it. I'm sure I've mentioned
this. What more do you want?!

On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 05:09:26PM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> I dont think he would have much chance of getting through the NM process
> with the enemies hes made, do you ?

He's had plenty of chances to join before making enemies. He also doesn't
have to make enemies.

> Why does it matter where a bugfix comes from ?

Not particularly. It matters what the bug fix is: cf the patch Ethan
committed to boot-floppies CVS. And it seems reasonable not to make
randomly setting unimportant bugs to grave and flaming the maintainer
about them the most effective way of getting a bug fixed.

> Generally speaking, as long as it fixes a bug and doesnt introduce
> others it should be accepted. (note i havent looked at this specific bug
> or patche)

There isn't a working patch for this bug.

And perhaps you should take the time to look into the issues before
weighing in.

> I dont agree with these actions, i think its his misguided attempts to
> improve the packages, 

Or his misguided attempts to make sure whatever he says goes.

> > But hey, politically inspired apoplectic fits is the reason everyone
> > joins Debian, isn't it?
> I thought we all joined to get involved with endless flamewars (sarcasm)

You might want to ask yourself why you're getting involved in this one
rather than looking at the bug report and trying to fix the package.


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