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Re: #103302 ask permission before erasing /var/cache/apt/archives

First of all, Othmar's problem report is about an independant bug,
though it is loosely related to Ethan's wishlist report.

Secondly, I have been away on personal business and have not been able
to fix all RC (ie, important or above) base-config bugs until this
morning. This includes #117741, which is an independant report of the
same issue Othmar reported.

Ethan Benson wrote, on the 10th on November:
> since the maintainer of base-config has demonstrated a complete
> unwillingness to fix this bug I am prepared to commit a patch to
> boot-floppies baseconfig.c to ask the user if they wish for .debs to
> be removed or not, if they do not, the relevant code that silently
> removes them will be deleted from the base-config install in /target/
> this is of course not the correct solution, the correct solution is
> for the base-config maintainer to cooperate and fix this, but if he
> refuses to be useful we shall have to fix it another way (unless
> someone wishes to NMU and reNMU when new versions revert the fix.)

Thirdly, this suggestion both ignores my history of debian package
maintainance and participation in debian-boot (IMHO), and is technically
disgusting, and I'm sure that the rest of the boot floppies team has
better sense than Ethan is showing with these asurd threats.

Fourthly, I don't killfile coworkers on projects, because I belive that
that can lead to disastrous breakdowns in communications. I may,
however, leave projects in disgust. My disgust level with Ethan is
currently quite high. Threatening to abuse boot-floppies commit
privlidges to put in a disgusting hack. Insinuating that I would
silently ignore NMU's. These are not behaviors I expect to see from a
member of this project.

see shy jo

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