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Re: #103302 ask permission before erasing /var/cache/apt/archives

Othmar Pasteka <pasteka@kabsi.at> writes:

> just something what everyboday should know if he/she doesn'T know
> it yet, i was bitten by it and i am pissed :/.

Why not take that anger and turn it constructive energy, like a patch?
I'm sure the base-config maintainer would be pleased.

FYI, "important" doesn't mean that release will be blocked for this
bug.  We might want to upgrade the 3 base-config Important bugs to

> i just got bitten by this bug and it just pisses me off.
> downloading 220 megs and all silently deleted because base-config
> configures apt so that it gets the .debs from two different
> servers, i.e. non-us and the usual stuff. and non-us times out
> usually. and DO NOT have a small bandwidth, 512kbit/s isn't just
> a dial up user. but all the bandwidth is sucked up with the
> downloading the non non-us software. and the other regularly
> times out. and when i go to retry then, assuming that it just
> gets the 2 failed packages, IT DOWNLOADS THE WHOLE DAMN THIGN
> AGAIN! AGAIN 200 MEGS OF .DEBS. that's NOT funny. this simply
> sucks and pisses me off. the users should AT LEAST get the choice
> to decide whether to delete the downloaded .debs. everything else
> is just BRAINDEAD. i have a decently fast internet connection but
> for everyone else this would be just a nightmare. AND, maybe not
> in the us, but in europe one gets their amount of traffic
> accounted, meaning that you have to pay if you go beyond a
> certain limit. which is at about 1-2 gig at my isp. so i waste
> 1/5th of my amount for this stupid brainless bug.
> you should just allow one connection at a time AND ask the user
> whether he wants to delete the .debs otherwise the whole retry
> point is brainless and just not seriously meant (i just lack the
> vocabulary to make the point more clearly).
> i hope you fix that.
> thanks
> Othmar
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