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#103302 ask permission before erasing /var/cache/apt/archives

just something what everyboday should know if he/she doesn'T know
it yet, i was bitten by it and i am pissed :/.


i just got bitten by this bug and it just pisses me off.
downloading 220 megs and all silently deleted because base-config
configures apt so that it gets the .debs from two different
servers, i.e. non-us and the usual stuff. and non-us times out
usually. and DO NOT have a small bandwidth, 512kbit/s isn't just
a dial up user. but all the bandwidth is sucked up with the
downloading the non non-us software. and the other regularly
times out. and when i go to retry then, assuming that it just
gets the 2 failed packages, IT DOWNLOADS THE WHOLE DAMN THIGN
AGAIN! AGAIN 200 MEGS OF .DEBS. that's NOT funny. this simply
sucks and pisses me off. the users should AT LEAST get the choice
to decide whether to delete the downloaded .debs. everything else
is just BRAINDEAD. i have a decently fast internet connection but
for everyone else this would be just a nightmare. AND, maybe not
in the us, but in europe one gets their amount of traffic
accounted, meaning that you have to pay if you go beyond a
certain limit. which is at about 1-2 gig at my isp. so i waste
1/5th of my amount for this stupid brainless bug.
you should just allow one connection at a time AND ask the user
whether he wants to delete the .debs otherwise the whole retry
point is brainless and just not seriously meant (i just lack the
vocabulary to make the point more clearly).

i hope you fix that.

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