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Re: USB-Support and keyboard driver should go into kernel image

#include <hallo.h>
Kaz Sasayama wrote on Mon Oct 29, 2001 um 11:05:22AM:
> Which mainboard are you using?  In many cases, BIOS legacy emulation 

Some new Compaq multimedia model with some extra keys.

> should work transparently to any OS by using SMI.  If your system does 

I wondered too but the BIOS emulation seems not to be sufficient.

> not work like that, it might be a fairly new PC2002-based board.  I hope 

No, it is a board from 1999 with the good "old" KT133 chipset.

> you can help to improve USB keyboard support in Debian.

I will file grave bug reports on most i386 kernel images soon.

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