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Re: I'm in a loop

Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 11:06:05AM +0800 wrote:
> > After making choices (series of questions), I'm told that I've reached the
> > moment of truth.  Excited, I follow the instruction to reboot and find
> myself
> > back at the welcome screen which leads nowhere except through the same
> > questions.  What am I doing wrong, or not doing right?  Your help is
> > appreciated.
> > cicvet@aol.com
> this mail was in the debian-users list.
> it was the same problem i faced. i had written earlier about this and many
> of you kindly replied. however, it ended there with no conclusions.

Actually aph made the following change in response to the problem we


Thanks for following up on this.  We decided not to have two different
messages, but have attempted to make a one-size fits all message.  If
the change at the above URL doesn't fix the issue in your eyes please
file a bug against boot-floppies, that is the only way we can be sure
the problem will be fixed.



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