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Re: I'm in a loop

> After making choices (series of questions), I'm told that I've reached the
> moment of truth.  Excited, I follow the instruction to reboot and find
> back at the welcome screen which leads nowhere except through the same
> questions.  What am I doing wrong, or not doing right?  Your help is
> appreciated.
> cicvet@aol.com

this mail was in the debian-users list.

it was the same problem i faced. i had written earlier about this and many
of you kindly replied. however, it ended there with no conclusions.

the problem is that the dialog that asks for reboot is not clear enough.


here's the extract from my earlier mail:

so i believe that the message displayed is conditional.
the hd will be checked for bootability.
IF (hard disk is bootable) {
    message 1 appears
} ELSE {
    message 2 appears

==> message 1
     Debian is about to reboot and continue this installation.

     - To reboot from the hard disk, please remove any boot media
 (boot-floppy, boot-CD, etc.) that you started with right NOW!
     - To re-install from the beginning (and abort this installation),
 your boot media remains in its drive.

     Reboot the system?

==> message 2
     Debian is about to reboot and continue this installation.

     Note: You haven't set the hard disk to boot.

     - To continue with installing from the boot media you used(boot-floppy,
boot-CD, etc.), ensure it remains in its drive.
     - To make your hard disk bootable, ...<people, please help me complete
the action task here>....

     Reboot the system?

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