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Re: Problems with first boot of Debian (No AT keyboard, yet scans for one)

Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 10:29:49PM -0700 wrote:
> I just recently installed Debian GNU/Linux off of a downloaded floppy set
> (vanilla), and am having some problems.  Although the actual install went
> without a hitch, and my keyboard worked fine, when Debian tried to load
> itself from the hard drive after being installed from the floppies, it kept
> getting the same error:
> keyboard timeout: no AT keyboard present
> keyboard timeout: no AT keyboard present
> Despite the fact that I'm using a ps/2 keyboard (and that I have no AT port
> to begin with), the kernel continues to persist in looking for an AT
> keyboard.  Also, when I put the rescue disk in, the same error occurs, and I
> am unable to change anything in my installation.

I'm confused.  Does this mean you could first boot off the rescue disk
to complete the initial install, and now you can no longer boot off
the rescue disk?

If you can still boot off the rescue disk (or a boot floppy that you
may have created at installation) perhaps by passing an appropriate
root=/dev/XXXX to the kernel?  I'm not sure why Linux is hanging there


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