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Re: LVM enabled boot disks ?

Hi !

So You say "LVM not ready" (?)
because its version included in official kernels is not really usable
and kernels need a patch.

To keep my reply short - some facts:

1) ext3 is NOT EVEN in official kernels, You need patched kernel to
be able to use it, but THERE ARE boot disks udma100-ext3 for woody.

2) it is well known that LVM in official kernels has always been older
version than latest; but don't You think LVM in next releases WILL
CATCH UP at least to the extent of being usable ? I think it will.

3) we're talking about long time horizon - months I think; I don't
think such LVM-enabled boot floppies would go into mainstream when
they're created, but it would need some time wile they're unofficially

But when there is no testing version - what to test ?

				Grzegorz Prokopski

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