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[ANNOUNCE] GRUB + CD + Extended Floppy Formats

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I have worked in order to allow GRUB to be used on CD (for 1.2, 1.44,
2.88 and HD emulation modes) and to be used on floppies with extended
formats (i.e. blocks of 512, but a non-standard number of cylinders
and/or sectors, for example 1680Ko and 1743Ko).

Now, CD works, and extended formats are on the way. I have still some
work to do with extended formats, but the work should be achieved at the
end of the week.

For Debian, between others, using GRUB on a CD in _HD emulation_ will
allow to display several GRUB menus, say a first menu to choose the
language of the installation, then a localized menu displaying choices
between different flavours of installation. IMHO, the correct way to go
is to have _one_ modular kernel and several different initrd on the same
small virtual HD (a script will be given to build virtual bootable
disks). More explanations will be given when the patches will be
published (on the GRUB list for the patches; on the 3 lists for the

GRUB is the definitive BOSS! (BOotStrapping oS).

Thierry Laronde <tlaronde@polynum.org>
Site Debian Francophone (aka SDF) : http://www.debian-france.org/

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