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Re: [ANNOUNCE] GRUB + CD + Extended Floppy Formats

#include <hallo.h>
Thierry Laronde wrote on Mon Oct 01, 2001 um 08:22:10PM:

> I have worked in order to allow GRUB to be used on CD (for 1.2, 1.44,
> 2.88 and HD emulation modes) and to be used on floppies with extended
> formats (i.e. blocks of 512, but a non-standard number of cylinders
> and/or sectors, for example 1680Ko and 1743Ko).

Nice. I guess this means we don't have to provide 2.88M images for
booting CDs and GRUB reads kernel and initrd from the CD.

> Now, CD works, and extended formats are on the way. I have still some
> work to do with extended formats, but the work should be achieved at the
> end of the week.

Any working snapshots? buxy (debian-cd maintainer) is allways accepting
patches, so I guess it is not too late for woody.

> For Debian, between others, using GRUB on a CD in _HD emulation_ will
> allow to display several GRUB menus, say a first menu to choose the
> language of the installation, then a localized menu displaying choices
> between different flavours of installation. IMHO, the correct way to go

Nice, very nice. Is it also possible to enter additional boot parameters
after going trough the menus?

> is to have _one_ modular kernel and several different initrd on the same

This is complicated for current BFs using the 2.2.x kernels. But it is
good for keeping _one_ boot kernel for each flavour (5 or 6 on i386),
having multiple localized root images.

> disks). More explanations will be given when the patches will be
> published (on the GRUB list for the patches; on the 3 lists for the
> explanations/HOWTO).

How to access them?

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