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Bug#103823: Processed: Realtek 8139too NIC configuration hangs

"Beeteljuice" <beetlejuice@la-dreamteam.com> writes:

> Submitter, do you have a box with the stock kernel-image-2.2.19 (or
> -idepci or other flavors) on which you can test this?
> What do you mean by "a box"?

I mean a machine.

>  Actually all I have is a 3-CD set (ISOs
> downloaded from the Debian FTP site).
> I'm using the kernel-image-2.2.19pre17.

Well, we use kernel-image-2.2.19 in Woody, the upcoming release.

> I've just re-installed Debian from the same CD set. (without including the
> module in the kernel, I simply ignored the NIC driver installation as if I
> had none.). Then, after my first loging, I did a modconf, added the 8139too
> driver and it's installed correctly. But it wasn't during this very phase
> that it didn't work the first time. It was just after entering my network
> parameters (Hostname, IP address, etc...).

Oh, then it probably is some sort of boot-floppies bug.

I've reassigned it back to boot floppies.

What version of the boot-floppies were you using?  It will tell you on
the "welcome" page.

> Including the module in the
> kernel has always worked. So is there a way to start this "enter your
> network parameters" phase once the Debian installation process is already
> over? ('hope I don't make too much English mistakes ;o) )

Yes, just find that menu item "Configure the Network" in the
dbootstrap main menu.

> We would also need to see specific error messages.  Most of us don't
> have this hardware.
> Module install in the kernel:
> 1. During the common Debian installation process : 	No error message. Driver
> is added successfuly
> 2. After the Debian installation ("modconf" in a prompt): 				No error
> message. Driver is added successfuly
> Enter the network parameters :
> 1. During the common Debian installation process : 	Blue screen.
> Installation freezes. No error message.

Which exact step are you doing when you hit the freeze?  Does it
happen just after you select "Configure the Network" ?  You don't even
get the question about whether to configure the network manually or

Is it possible to run through these steps of the installation again?
You don't have to reinstall the base system or anything -- I just need
you to run the parts through this.  If possible, please boot with the
'debug' boot argument.  

Then, once you've done that and reproduced the problem, please send
/var/log/messages, or, after install, /var/log/installer.log.

> 2. After the Debian installation : I don't know if it's possible to
> restart this phase once the installation process is over.

No, not really.  Not in a way that would really help us here.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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