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Re: message to remove boot cd

#include <hallo.h>
ramsubs wrote on Mon Oct 01, 2001 um 01:27:44AM:

> i know i must seem stupid to many of you. if only a message had been
> displayed just before reboot *to remove any boot cds or boot


> floppies*, i wouldn't have undergone three installs. well you have to
> pardon me, i come from a windoze world, and uncle bill thinks we are
> stupid enough for him to include such a warning in a windoze
> installation.

 - we are not discriminating people
 - your suggestion is worth enough to be implemented
 - I am looking for a way to detect the Boot-CD in the drive (Jörg
   Schilling's postings are somewhere in my archives). Should be easy to
   implement: if(i386) and (boot-cd in any drive) -> WARNING.

"stupidity should be painful"    (Neil C. Obremski)

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