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message to remove boot cd

i'm a 1-week old debian infant.
during my very first debian installation, i naively installed debian thrice. it would have gone on to more installations had i not by that time thought this is truly strange! why is it asking me the same thing again?
you see i started installation from a boot CD. after the installation went into the first reboot, i had not removed the cdrom, so it started from the beginning again. me, i was blissfully ignorant that i had to remove the boot CD and reinsert later.
i know i must seem stupid to many of you. if only a message had been displayed just before reboot *to remove any boot cds or boot floppies*, i wouldn't have undergone three installs. well you have to pardon me, i come from a windoze world, and uncle bill thinks we are stupid enough for him to include such a warning in a windoze installation.
i had to pick up courage to write this suggestion. i was originally trying out red hat and had settled for walking the red hat path. but i got frustrated with its installation. sure it's easy but it loads so much stuff into your system: stuff you don't need. and everytime my installation went wrong i had to reselect every package again, which took hours.
then i heard about debian being known for its difficult-to-learn-installation-but-far-superior trait. after one week i can say i am joining the debian bandwagon. no more red hat for me. or any other hats.
so, i'm writing this suggestion hoping that it will make the installation process more defect-free. hoping to make it user-friendly, and for people like me, idiot-friendly .

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