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Re: Install From Floppy and CD-ROM

Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 08:50:05PM -0400 wrote:
> I am using a CD-ROM which I have just bought and  which is labeled Debian 
> 2.2rev3 i386, which I believe is "potato".  I created the boot disks using 
yup, that's potato.

> I am prompted to configure the keyboard, then to set up a swap partition, 
> then a linux partition.
> When I am prompted for the installation medium, I only get:
> /dev/fd0
> /dev/fd1
> harddisk
> mounted

It looks like for some reason the kernel didn't detect your cdrom.  What
sort of cdrom is it? (ide?).  Do you see any messages at boot related to a
cdrom (either watch the boot sequence or use 'dmseg' from a shell).

> Am I using the wrong floppies?  Thanks, again, for your help.
It sounds to me like you are doing it right.


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