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Re: Install From Floppy and CD-ROM

I am using a CD-ROM which I have just bought and  which is labeled Debian 
2.2rev3 i386, which I believe is "potato".  I created the boot disks using 
"rawrite2.exe" on a friend's DOS machine.  Here is the sequence of events
Upon booting the machine from floppy, I get the "boot:" prompt.  I enter 
"floppy" and Linux starts  to boot.  I am then prompted for the root disk, 
which I also created using rawrite2.exe.  It gets loaded.
I am prompted to configure the keyboard, then to set up a swap partition, 
then a linux partition.
When I am prompted for the installation medium, I only get:

Am I using the wrong floppies?  Thanks, again, for your help.

  -Daniel Magaud  

In a message dated 9/21/01 1:22:32 AM, tillman@azstarnet.com writes:

<< > I am attempting to install Debian on a fairly old machine (Intel 486) 
> can't be set up to boot from the CD.  I have created the rescue and root
> floppy disks and am able to boot using them.  However, the installation
> does not give me the possibility of installing the system from the CD (only
> from floppies, a hard disk or a mounted filesystem.

Is this potato boot-floppies? In the current boot-floppies, the cdrom is at
the top of the list after selecting Install Kernel and Modules.

>  1. Is it possible to install the way I intended (boot from floppy, install
> from CD-ROM)?  If so, am I not able to because of the age of my machine or
> some configuration problem?
>  2. What would you suggest I do?  I do not have any DOS diskettes and the
> machine's hard drive has no OS on it.

Shoudl be able to use the CD as you intend. If you're using potato, try
woody instead.

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