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Re: build failure on ia32

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001 18:48:13 -0600
"Erik Andersen" <andersen@codepoet.org> wrote:
> Well, since we have to mount the target fs, we already have to pay most
of the
> price for ext2 anyways (the size of mkfs.ext2 and the size of the kernel
> code).   So switching to minixfs isn't going to save us all that much. 
If we
> are going to bother with changing filesystems, IMHO only cramfs really
> sense.  Redhat switched their installer to using cramfs and apparently
> quite a lot of space that way...

Cramfs compresses each fs block individually, if compressing a big image
or tarfile due to the fact that it is bigger than a fs block it will get
better compression.

An alternative to cramfs is to use romfs for the initrd, compresses it
with gzip -9 and uncompress to tmpfs (or ramfs), but its a tradeoff, you
would save disk space due to better compression and smaller kernel, and it
would be faster from memmory, but it would also use a lot more memory
which could be a critical factor.

Personally i think cramfs is the best solution for lowmem installs and
romfs.gz/tmpfs is best for normal installs.


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