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Re: "EBDA too big"

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001 21:41, Muth, Oliver wrote:
> because potato ran fine on my older IPC Topnote H
> I tried to install the woody snapshot from July 20 on my brandnew IPC
> Magicnote U (a Uniwill N340S8 clone) Laptop.
> After recompiling the kernel, changing lilo.conf and executing lilo I get
> the following error message when booting:
> "EBDA too big" printed right after "LILO 21.7-5 Loading Linux"

Please make the following change to /usr/share/misc/magic as described in bug 
report 106898.  Then run "file" on the kernel and see if it is the right type 
of kernel.

Here is the first three lines of the Linux kernel recognition.  The third line
used to check for =0x201, the correct check is for >=0x200 (which is the check
performed by lilo).  The magic file should match lilo's checks for this to 
in debugging lilo problems.

# Linux kernel boot images (i386 arch) (Wolfram Kleff)
514     string          HdrS            Linux kernel
>510    leshort         0xAA55          x86 boot executable
>>518   leshort         >=0x200

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