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Re: debian-boot CVS messages use personal addresses

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 10:54:56AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > The log_accum.pl derivative used in the debian-boot repository uses
> > joy@debian.org (for me) as the From: field of e-mail it sends.
> Um, (a) there is no log_accum.pl in the debian-boot repository; 
>     (b) we use dolog.pl

That's the one I'm referring to as "the log_accum.pl derivative", as I
believe that the script's original name is log_accum.pl.

>     (c) grep for joy in klecker:/cvs/debian-boot/CVSROOT reveals nothing
>     (c) grep for joy in klecker:/cvs/debian-doc/CVSROOT reveals nothing
> Please enlighten me?

Let me quote the code :)

sub mail_notification {
    if ($username) {
        $MAILFROM = "$username\@$ORGANIZATION";
    open(MAIL, "| $MAILER -t");
    print MAIL <<EOF ;
To: @mailto

This is what I want removed -- it creates mails with "From: joy@debian.org",
and I don't like this because it gets me spam. It is not required to use the
@d.o address for all development mail, so the script shouldn't assume that
everyone wants that.

The replies, the discussion about commits, it should go to the mailing list,
right? The script can set MAILFROM to debian-boot@lists.debian.org and it
will work fine.

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