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Re: busybox bloat

On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 11:48:13PM -0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> > removing ar along i imagine would not gain very much, but then again
> > we need every byte we can get.
> For the current set of busybox applets, I've made a best guess as 
> to what is likely to be needed.  If somone can find some applets 
> that are unused, I'm more then happy to axe them.

see my patch, yes, basename, and dirname are in use by debootstrap,
but i think its not unreasonable to change debootstrap to not use
them.  especially dirname and basename, those are such trivial shell


> > that is more risky, debootstrap and the powerpc bootloader
> > installer/configurator are writtin in /bin/sh, so the busybox version
> > MUST be at least as good as real ash.
> I consider it a full replacement, and with have now had several releases
> with the busybox ash shell.  There are no known bugs...

but has anyone actually done any regression testing of posix shell
scripts on it? 

Ethan Benson

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