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Re: ext3 - support

#include <hallo.h>
Russell Hires wrote on Thu Aug 16, 2001 um 10:02:33PM:
> Does this mean that when it's time for the install the the 
> user/admin/installer will have a choice of reiserfs vs ext3 (or some other 
> fs)?

Sure, when we have kernel-image which support both, you can use sth.
like flavor=reiserfs-ext3-xfs to active them. Unfortunately, the current
ext3 patch for kernel 2.2.x clashes with ReiserFS, so no support unless
it is fixed. But since 2.2.x series will end, sooner or later, it's
better to take 2.4.x kernels where the support is up-to-date. (*) OTOH,
Woody+1 won't have current dbootstrap, so then everything would change

My personal BFs use 2.4.x. The ReiserFS-question in the user interaction
needs to be modified a bit, only cosmetical changes.

"The three principal virtues of a programmer are Laziness, Impatience,
and Hubris"                              (from the man-page for perl).

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