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Alpha Boot Floppies: new version


I've built new boot floppies from the current boot-floppies CVS and
put them on I think
they are now in a state to be added to ftp.debian.org at the next
boot-floppies release. I've used MILO 2.2-17 this time, since 2.2-18
was reported to be broken on at least two subarchitectures.
Unfortunately, I have only my SX164 to test, so I'd appreciate any
reports. I have not yet tested the complete installation on my
machine, since I have pppoe for internet access which isn't supported.

"make release" now works fine except for two things:

* You need the "srmbootfat" tool from the MILO source. In the long
  run, this could be provided by a MILO deb package. Currently, we
  could either require it to be locally installed, or I could add it
  to the CVS. It's two files of 12k (GPL). If this is considered a
  good idea, I'd like to create an "alpha-specials" dir. Any opinions?

* Downloading via apt-get still doesn't work because of dependency
  problems. Could I perhaps just commit the "fake-get" hack which uses
  wget instead and activate it for Alpha? Even if we fiddle with the
  packages, this problem can always reappear.

Hmm, that's it for now :) Next thing will be to fix netboot. We could
also need a tester for nautilus, since I have no idea about the
current state.


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