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Bug#105451: [Andrew Young <aty@sciences.sdsu.edu>] Re: Bug#105451: update

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> Andrew Young <aty@sciences.sdsu.edu> writes:
>> Even if it is, it would be _cleaner_ not to mess with the standard
>> ports, but to make available the necessary information in appropriate
>> places so that funny serial ports can be defined as ttyS14 as
>> originally intended.
> You'd have to file a bug against kernel-image-2.2.19 and convince the
> kernel maintainer about that.  I can't get involved.  No time.

Fair enough.  Thanks for your help with this -- the fix WORKED, at least
enough that I can now talk to the modem:

	cat </dev/ttyS3 & echo AT >/dev/ttyS3

gives "OK", at least.  (I still can't get the pppd/chat scripts working;
chat puts "expect (ispauth)" in the log, even though NOAUTH is given as
an argument to pppd.)

So, as far as you are concerned, you can mark the bug as closed.  I'll
take it up with the kernel people.

		-- Andy Young

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