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Re: [debian-installer] Full CDROM install

Le Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 07:45:56PM +1000, Herbert Xu écrivait:
> > cdrom-modules-<kver>-udeb
> > 
> > . all modules that are in kernel/driver/cdrom/ :
> >   aztcd.o  cdu31a.o  gscd.o   mcd.o   optcd.o  sjcd.o
> >   cdrom.o  cm206.o   isp16.o  mcdx.o  sbpcd.o  sonycd535.o
> > . ide-cd
> > . isofs

ide-probe-mod is not automatically included, it must be added to this

> OK, I'll do this for the next release.

Another thing to do : compile in the kernel the ramfs support.
If you really don't want because of the 1 or 2k space increase, then
do a ramfs-modules-<kver>-udeb if you'd like but it's
a bit of waste to have a full udeb for such a little module.

It's used at the very beginning to replace the read only initrd
by a rw root directory.

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