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Re: libdetect, library reduction

On Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 02:01:33PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 01:12:09AM -0700, Dan Helfman ?crivait:
> > And as yet another approach to this, I just found out that the libdetect
> > people have a program in CVS called ldetect that is supposed a "light"
> > slimmed-down version of the libdetect source, supposedly intended for
> > installers and the like. It uses the same hardware database as (the CVS
> > version of) libdetect. 
> How does this relate to the packages ldetect, ldetect-lst in Mandrake
> Cooker ?
> ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Linux/Mandrake-devel/cooker/SRPMS/ldetect-0.2.3-13mdk.src.rpm
> ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Linux/Mandrake-devel/cooker/SRPMS/ldetect-lst-0.1.2-15mdk.src.rpm
> Is it something different ? It looks like it uses its own database
> instead.

The unreleased CVS version of libdetect appears to also use the new
ldetect-lst database instead of the outdated hardware database we're
using now.

> > Speaking of which, I just wrote to the
> > maintainers to ask if there'd be a release anytime soon. There seem to
> > be a whole lot of hardware table updates and other goodies in the CVS
> > version of libdetect that are of course lacking in the release version
> > that's in Debian. It'd be nice to have a more up-to-date version available
> > for the Woody release, so that all the latest hardware can be supported.
> If you feel confident about the CVS version, you may package it even if it's
> not released yet. However a new upstream release would be better.

Right.. but I figured I'd at least give them the courtesy of asking first. :)
Normally I'd just grab the version out of Mandrake Cooker, as that's
supposedly a little more "release-worthy" than just ganking code
straight outta CVS, but even Cooker only has 0.9.72, which is the
version in Debian right now.

> Cheers,
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