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Re: libdetect, library reduction

Le Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 01:12:09AM -0700, Dan Helfman écrivait:
> And as yet another approach to this, I just found out that the libdetect
> people have a program in CVS called ldetect that is supposed a "light"
> slimmed-down version of the libdetect source, supposedly intended for
> installers and the like. It uses the same hardware database as (the CVS
> version of) libdetect. 

How does this relate to the packages ldetect, ldetect-lst in Mandrake
Cooker ?


Is it something different ? It looks like it uses its own database

> Speaking of which, I just wrote to the
> maintainers to ask if there'd be a release anytime soon. There seem to
> be a whole lot of hardware table updates and other goodies in the CVS
> version of libdetect that are of course lacking in the release version
> that's in Debian. It'd be nice to have a more up-to-date version available
> for the Woody release, so that all the latest hardware can be supported.

If you feel confident about the CVS version, you may package it even if it's
not released yet. However a new upstream release would be better.

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