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Re: can't get passed the install (was woody install problem)

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 05:35:26AM -0400, Robert Schweikert wrote:
> So I though I'd try to install the woody packages using apt-get, but no
> luck there. Here I get the message 'Can't stat file
> ......binary-i386/Packages'.
> The 'stat' utility is missing from the install, is this a separate
> package or where can I find it?

apt is using stat() not /usr/bin/stat.  what apt means to say i think
its ......binary-i386/Packages: No such file or directory.

> If apt-get needs stat shouldn't it be installed when apt-get is
> installed?


> As far as the woody boot floppies are concerned, I looked through the
> sources from cvs for the boot floppies but failed to find the place
> where 'Malformed' message is coming from.


Ethan Benson

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