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Re: PCI hardware detection [RFC]

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 10:14:50AM +1000, Glenn wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:00:41 +0200
> "Thierry Laronde" <thierry@cri74.org> wrote:
> > I'm trying to write a "general purpose" script to build a general database
> > from the Linux kernel sources. But there will be some particular problems
> > (exemple: when the *_pci_tbl is put in a file "main.c" and that one must try
> > to find the name of the object file the module will have...).
> > 
> It may be more trouble than its worth, it is a tendious job to go through
> the kernel source by hand yes, but at least that way you know you are
> going to get every case, and ive done the network drivers (but they havent
> been tested).

I will see. At least, even a quick script can give some skeleton even if,
indeed, some cases need to be fixed by hand.

> Partition detection, resizing tools can be retrieved if we are using net
> or floppy retriever,
> Net config tools can be retrieved if we are using net of floppy retriever,
> etc..
> So i think that it is important for the end user to be able to customise
> the boot/root disk acording to their needs.

That's definitively one the goal, even for my "particular" case: have a
modular procedure allowing to use different access methods.
Thierry LARONDE, Centre de Ressources Informatiques, Archamps - France

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