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Re: ResierFS in boot-floppies (was: Debian "reiserfsprogs" and installation)

> i have a reiserfs kernel sitting in incoming, waiting on the ftp-masters
> to okay it.
> i have that kernel in an apt-get'able archive at
> deb http://people.debian.org/~jaqque woody main contrib non-free
> or you can use
> wget
> all the reiserfs code is in the cvs tree, the only thing not checked in
> yet are the makefile type things to build the reiserfs images. i was
> waiting on the kernel to make it into unstable, but since i have it
> publicly available through other means, i may go ahead and check in the
> changes today.

Just out of curiosity, are we planning to ship 2.2.19 on woody's floppies,
or (already-reiserfs-enabled) 2.4.x?


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