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Dear friends,

I think you should *give a warning* for the suggested method to reset a
partitionsize after having used fips or whatever method to diminish a

In the excellent text about installing Linux/Gnu there is this advice:

4.8 Partitioning for DOS 

Apparently, whenever you create or resize a partition for DOS use, 
it's a good idea to fill the first few sectors
with zeros. Do this prior to running DOS's format 
command, from Linux: 

     dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdXX bs=512 count=4

I would not do that if I had any data. I would not mind zeroing out
the boot block: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdXX bs=512 count=1

However you will overwrite the first FAT if you do more than 512byte,
at least on the systems I know of.

  Donald Axel, dax@superusers.dk


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