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Re: Woody installation on m68k success

Okay, my install on my m68k LCII worked! Actually, I'm just at the reboot 
stage, so we'll see how that goes. It took about 10 hours or so, but it 
worked. The basedebs.tgz unpacking was certainly slow...but at 16 mhz, what 
should I expect? :-) 

Question about the prompt that comes with the "Installing an empty 
exim.conf." Why is that necessary? It just seems to hold up the works.  


On Wednesday 18 July 2001 05:21, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Thierry Laronde
> | Just to say that we have installed a Woody with woody testing bf (network
> | install) and everything went fine.
> FWIW, Me too.  Installed on a NetFinity 5500 with ServeRAID and
> everything.  No problems at all.  Network install.

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