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Dell PowerEdge 2450 boot

I searched through the mail list archives for answers to a question that I am sure has been answered before, but without luck.
I would like to install Debian on a rack of Dell PowerEdge 2450 servers. These machines use an Adaptec AIC-7866 SCSI Raid controller card (also referred to as PERC/2 si). I found mention of methods to use boot floppies with modified kernels and adding "aic7xxx=no_probe" to the boot: prompt during the install startup. I am attempting to use a CD with Debian 2.2r2, but even with the added command the install is not able to see the drives.
I have some information from a Mr. Ossama Othman regarding this, but the information is 2 years old. I have had no luck finding the custom boot floppies he refered to, and I admit that rebuilding the kernel is currently beyond my skill.
My question: where can I get a set of boot floppies that will work with my systems and allow me to continue the install from CD, thereby keeping my numerous installs as quick as possible?
- Andrew Pease

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