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Re: Dell PowerEdge 2450 boot

On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 11:34:42AM -0400, D. Andrew Pease wrote:

I think this should be in Debian user, since the question is not about
developing Debian boot system.

Anyway, the only the PERC/SC is supported in Linux kernel. The other
Adaptec SCSI RAID controllers that Dell has in its latest machines are
not supported in Linux kernel, Adaptec only provides a binary only
driver that works with a specific version of Red Hat kernel.

If you already bought the stack of Dell servers, bad luck. Otherwise
explain to your sales representative that you need a SCSI controller
that is supported by the Linux kernel (add that you mean Linux kernel,
not Red Hat kernel). I had this problem every time I needed to
purchase a Dell server, seems they use a different Adaptec chip in
almost all new server models.

As for compiling the kernel, for servers especially it is well worth
the effort the compile your own kernel, so you can get the most of
your servers. Just include those things that you need and leave out
all the rest. Use the Debian package kernel-package to do the
compilation, you get a .deb file that you can easily install to all
the similar servers.

Disclaimer: This was the situation six months ago. I have not checked
after that which Adaptec chips are supported by the kernel.

> I searched through the mail list archives for answers to a question that I
> am sure has been answered before, but without luck.
> I would like to install Debian on a rack of Dell PowerEdge 2450 servers.
> These machines use an Adaptec AIC-7866 SCSI Raid controller card (also
> referred to as PERC/2 si). I found mention of methods to use boot floppies
> with modified kernels and adding "aic7xxx=no_probe" to the boot: prompt
> during the install startup. I am attempting to use a CD with Debian 2.2r2,
> but even with the added command the install is not able to see the drives.
> I have some information from a Mr. Ossama Othman regarding this, but the
> information is 2 years old. I have had no luck finding the custom boot
> floppies he refered to, and I admit that rebuilding the kernel is currently
> beyond my skill.
> My question: where can I get a set of boot floppies that will work with my
> systems and allow me to continue the install from CD, thereby keeping my
> numerous installs as quick as possible?
> - Andrew Pease

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