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Re: Dell PowerEdge 2450 boot

> "D. Andrew Pease" wrote:
> I searched through the mail list archives for answers to a question
> that I am sure has been answered before, but without luck.
> I would like to install Debian on a rack of Dell PowerEdge 2450
> servers. These machines use an Adaptec AIC-7866 SCSI Raid controller
> card (also referred to as PERC/2 si). I found mention of methods to
> use boot floppies with modified kernels and adding "aic7xxx=no_probe"
> to the boot: prompt during the install startup. I am attempting to use
> a CD with Debian 2.2r2, but even with the added command the install is
> not able to see the drives.


Have a look at http://domsch.com/linux you will find everything you

You have to options : 
1- use the prebuild disks from Kevin Traas (that's what I did).
2- get the patchs, build a kernel, and do your own set of boot
disks. Ask in debian-user for any help.



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