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Re: 2.3.6 b-f install report

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 10:21:02PM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
> > this was fixed in 3.0.7.
> Where is 3.0.7?? I went crazy for a while because I couldn't find it. I 
> settled on 2.3.6 since I figured (via a search of the boot mailing list) that 
> the most recently released version was 2.3.6, which came out around June 20 
> or so. 

im not actually sure, it was just installed the other day.  good
places to check for this is also aph's home directory.  

> I figured this (okay, I actually knew it to be true), but the reason I'm 
> asking for clarification here is because when I go to the woody directories, 
> there is very little in the way of packages. They are mostly in pool. I 
> remember seeing something about sym links and such, but I just wanted to make 
> sure. 

packages don't live in the dists/foo/* directories anymore, only the
Packages files live there and reference the relevant version in the
pool.  the pool can contain 3 versions of a package at any given time:
one for stable, one for testing and one for unstable.  

> Thanks. I'll try 3.0.7 on Monday if I can find it. Can anyone give me the 
> address?

Ethan Benson

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