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Re: 2.3.6 b-f install report

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 11:16:00AM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
> At least, I think so. I'm getting confused about whether I'm using b-f 
> 2.3.6, or 3.0.7--- though I think debootstrap is the only thing at 3.0.7...
> It was the 6-21-01 version, IIRC...
> anyway, I installed on an iMac Rev B from a school, and the strange thing
> is, I choose woody to install. But after the reboot, and setting up the
> passwords and using my favorite mirror (ftp.uk.debian.org) for getting the
> software, tasksel doesn't work. It doesn't work because my sources.list all
> point to potato or stable. I even manually changed the sources.list to woody

this was fixed in 3.0.7.

> from stable, and very little got updated (ldso, I think). So tasksel fails
> because it isn't pointing to the right place, even though I told the
> installer to use woody...but then I can't upgrade even after I tell
> apt/sources.list that I want woody stuff, which then fails because of

tasksel in woody is broken, until the tasksel in sid goes in dselect
is the correct method.

> dependencies problems. Should I instead try "testing" instead? I reinstalled

testing == woody

unstable == sid

Ethan Benson

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