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2.3.6 b-f install report

At least, I think so. I'm getting confused about whether I'm using b-f 
2.3.6, or 3.0.7--- though I think debootstrap is the only thing at 3.0.7...
It was the 6-21-01 version, IIRC...

anyway, I installed on an iMac Rev B from a school, and the strange thing
is, I choose woody to install. But after the reboot, and setting up the
passwords and using my favorite mirror (ftp.uk.debian.org) for getting the
software, tasksel doesn't work. It doesn't work because my sources.list all
point to potato or stable. I even manually changed the sources.list to woody
from stable, and very little got updated (ldso, I think). So tasksel fails
because it isn't pointing to the right place, even though I told the
installer to use woody...but then I can't upgrade even after I tell
apt/sources.list that I want woody stuff, which then fails because of
dependencies problems. Should I instead try "testing" instead? I reinstalled
just to make sure I followed the correct procedure, but I did, and it still
ended up the same way. I watched the installer pull most things from
pool/[a-z]/*deb (I'm doing this away from the machine I originally worked
on, sorry for the poor memory on my part. I'll get a better description on
Monday or Tuesday of next week if need be) which included most of the woody
stuff, and a few potato items that haven't been updated to woody status yet.

I hope I'm sending this to the correct place. If there's other places for
it, let me know.


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       Just take good care of the world."
                            -- Depeche Mode

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